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Uncertainty reigns supreme in Mexico's power market

Five months have passed since the government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) announced counter-reforms of the country's energy sector. However, the law implementing the shift in power away from the country's sector has still not been enforced, leaving market players in a state of uncertainty

UK enters new era for trade with Central America

Central America has been a regional centre of growth for decades. Since the 1990s, it has seen an average economic growth rate of 4.5% per year, which, in turn, has led to a fall in poverty and per-capita incomes rise

The Wastewater Gulf – Saudi Arabia’s booming market

There is now a new body of water in the MENA region that is challenging the Persian Gulf for length and the Red Sea for depth – the sheer size of Saudi Arabia’s new wastewater market, including projects in procurement, development and construction

Infra investment key to economic recovery and growth in Africa

Africa’s water, transport and power infrastructure networks are still in their early stages of development. In fact, the World Bank approximates that over half of people living in sub-Saharan Africa are without access to electricity. With the average African citizen being just 20 years old, this means that African nations will need to double annual infrastructure investment to $150 billion by 2025

The ACWA Power Interview

Looking back at the 2020, ACWA Power has plenty to celebrate – with the latest achievement being to win four awards for deals closed across the calendar year in the Middle East and Africa

The DBS Interview

Winner of the IJGlobal Financial Adviser of the Year 2020 for the Asia Pacific region, DBS has a strong reputation among peers and clients for dependable service. IJGlobal speaks with Subash Narayanan to reflect on opportunities ... past, present and future

Area 1 LNG, Mozambique

Recent events in Mozambique have occluded what was otherwise the most defining event in the African infrastructure project financing world of 2020 – the debt financing of the $22.6 billion Area 1 Mozambique LNG project in the Rovuma Basin

Cairo Monorail PPP, Egypt

Cairo Monorail Transit Project – a mass transit solution that is to be the longest monorail system in the world – quietly reached financial close late last year amid the coronavirus pandemic

The HIPpest project on the street

A curious renewable energy / transmission project has dinged the European radar at Trade Finance… but while it’s always nice to write about a new deal being rolled out, this one has an uncomfortably similar scent to a project of a few years back

Xiamen Xiangyu steel plant, Indonesia

In the last month of 2020, violent protests raged at one of Indonesia’s largest smelters in Virtue Dragon Industrial Park, South Sulawesi. Workers were demonstrating as they demanded higher salaries and permanent employment contracts

UEP Penonomé II, Panama

InterEnergy Group’s recent refinancing of two renewable energy projects in Panama – one of which is named for a papal encyclical – was the first issuance of green bonds from the private sector in Central America. Investors gave the deal their full blessing

The Saudi megaprojects – in need of water and power

Saudi Arabia’s efforts to enforce the sweeping reforms of its economic, social, and cultural spheres is symbolised by its pursuit of singular large megaprojects – the objectives of which go to the heart of the House of Saud’s Vision 2030 initiative

Investors eye Colombia amid LatAm uncertainty

As several of the Latin American countries that used to be favorites for foreign investors have become less hospitable and stable in recent months, market participants are taking a fresh look at Colombia and the opportunities it offers in power and renewables.

Q&A: Brazil's energy minister, Bento Albuquerque

In an exclusive interview with Bento Albuquerque, Brazil’s minister of mines and energy, IJGlobal Americas senior reporter Juliana Ennes is brought up-to date on big plans to use the energy sector as a propellant for economic recovery.

UK franchises derailed

With road traffic plunging to levels not seen since 1955 and airline passenger numbers not expected to recover until 2023, the UK's passenger rail franchising system is among the most recent victims of covid-19

Germany’s hydrogen plan – willing change

Germany is frequently lauded in the global hydrogen industry for playing a leading role in the planned adoption of the clean fuel source, as well as the evolution of its technology. National energy giants have – particularly in the past year – invested massively in R&D and testing electrolysers

The limp grip of an expiring raccoon

The days of the handshake and numerous other social fripperies seem – thanks to the coronavirus pandemic – to be nearing an end… and it can’t come soon enough

Lifting the veil on Vietnam LNG

Vietnam’s Ministry of Industry and Trade is soon submitting the revised PDP8 to Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc. The government forecasts Vietnam's electricity demand to grow 8.6% annually during 2021-2025, and decelerate slightly to 7.2% during 2026-2030

World trade opportunities – Q&A with Michael Vrontamitis

Michael Vrontamitis, head of trade, Europe & Americas, Standard Chartered Bank & member of the World Trade Board tells Trade Finance how he sees the dynamics of global trade changing

BNDES finances Minas biomass plant

Brazilian development bank BNDES has provided a R$145 million ($27.7m) loan to fund the expansion of a small biomass plant in Minas Gerais

IFC advises CapitalMed project in Egypt

The International Finance Corporation will advise private healthcare developer Egyptians for Health Care Services on its CapitalMed Health Care City project in Badr City, close to New Cairo