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Free Podcast – Simon Morrish on Xlinks

Trade Finance Analytics sister title IJGlobal published its Infra Dig podcast focusing on one of the most exciting projects on the planet – Xlinks – a landmark renewable energy development in Morocco with a 3,800km HVDC sub-sea cable to the UK

UK trade banks compare poorly to Swiss rivals

89% of UK trade banks have missed out on sustainability-linked finance business, compared with 56% of Switzerland-based counterparts, Pole Star research reveals

Free Overcoming privacy barriers to tackle trade finance fraud

Financial institutions have continued to fall victim to trade finance fraud while an industry-wide solution has remained elusive. Ronen Cohen, VP of strategy at Duality Technologies, discusses how lenders are now navigating data privacy barriers to define new approaches

Araguaia Ferronickel Mine, Brazil

With the nickel market’s prospects transformed after 2 years of intense focus on the practicalities of the energy transition, Horizonte Minerals last month closed a $633 million project finance package for its Araguaia ferronickel mine – a Tier 1 project which could bolster Brazil’s status as a long-term source for the world’s nickel needs

Free Reimagining trade finance for the digital era

Trade finance is the backbone of the global economy, yet the ecosystem remains constrained by capital requirements, outdated processes and a lack of standardisation. Christoph Gugelmann, CEO at Tradeteq, discusses how greater collaboration is leading to new approaches

Free Blockchain – the key to bridging the trade finance gap?

Trade finance is notorious for its stubbornness to embrace digitisation, but technology has now matured to the point where it is ready to direct the industry onto a more sustainable and efficient path. Against a backdrop of continuing supply chain disruption, bottlenecks and delays, now is the time to harness digital solutions to implement widespread and strategic change

IJ Podcasts S01 Ep01 – The almost right word

IJ Podcasts' Episode 1 – The almost right word – of its inaugural season focuses on unpacking infrastructure as an asset class and the contours of infra finance. The venture capital industry, in particular, has tended not to have infra finance in its opportunity set. Our guests examine what infrastructure is and how the private sector has taken an increasingly expansive view of the asset class

Free Leveraging risk mitigation for Africa’s development

Stuart Hulks, global head of insurance and export credit agency, and David Sawyerr, insurance and export credit agency finance transactor, of RMB take a look at leveraging risk mitigation across Africa

Free Gas to drive energy transition

Gas Exporting Countries Forum secretary general His Excellency Yury Sentyurin puts pen to paper to discuss the upcoming COP26

Free Climate-change resilience and adaptation

In 2015, Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England, spoke to a room full of some of the world’s savviest bankers and issued a chilling warning. He said that if climate change continued unchecked, it would threaten the world’s financial stability resulting in what he termed the “tragedy of the horizon.”

Free Going green with donors

The latest in a series of features by EBRD in what is starting to look a little bit like a propaganda campaign… but by an institution that is affecting change around the world and doing what organisation of this nature should be doing – making a difference

Free EBRD leads the way in the solar energy sector

The COP26 climate summit is fast approaching. One of its main goals is to secure global net-zero emissions by mid-century and to keep within reach the possibility that the world can limit warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. Countries are being asked to come forward with ambitious 2030 emissions reduction targets that align with reaching net zero by the middle of the century

Network Rail’s Project Reach

Network Rail’s Project Reach – a live process promising bidders the opportunity to upgrade fibre along UK rail routes in exchange for the right to monetise additional capacity – is sparking concerns across the British infrastructure community with many fearing it will struggle to take off.

Kinguélé Aval hydropower IPP, Gabon

In the middle of this summer, French asset manager and infra investor Meridiam gained the distinction of bringing Gabon’s first grid-connected independent power producer (IPP) project to financial close.

Alfonso Garcia Mora - keynote

Alfonso Garcia Mora - IFC vice president for Asia and the Pacific - and his keynote speech at the Papua New Guinea Investment Conference 2021...

And the winner is… the Mexican Army!

Few things warm the heart of a finance hack more than projects being won… but when it comes to airports in Mexico, that’s more likely to elicit wails of anguish. The latest development on the ground (not so much in the air) is a farce of monumental proportions – on a similar scale, indeed, to the scrapping the under-construction airport in 2018.

The Global Digital Infrastructure Survey 2021

Trade Finance Analytics sister title IJGlobal has published its second annual Global Digital Infrastructure Survey and associated report

BNDES finances Minas biomass plant

Brazilian development bank BNDES has provided a R$145 million ($27.7m) loan to fund the expansion of a small biomass plant in Minas Gerais

IFC advises CapitalMed project in Egypt

The International Finance Corporation will advise private healthcare developer Egyptians for Health Care Services on its CapitalMed Health Care City project in Badr City, close to New Cairo