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Interview: Lex Greensill

Greensill Capital made its name in supply chain finance, offering receivables finance to small suppliers. Since then it has expanded its scope considerably, financing commercial aircraft deliveries for the first time this year, for example, as well as long-term infrastructure projects and even mobile phones. And it won’t be stopping there, as its CEO and founder, Lex Greensill, tells Joe Kavanagh.

Old risks, new tricks

There’s been a boom in political risk and trade credit insurance in recent years, with plenty of new entrants in the space. This has driven down premiums, but far from diluting the product offering, increased competition has also led to innovative new products, writes Marcus Alcock.

Kernel raises $200m PXF

Ukrainian agribusiness firm Kernel has agreed a $200 million pre-export credit facility with a syndicate of European banks.

Taped over?

Once heralded as the future of digital trade finance transactions, the Bank Payment Obligation (BPO) is now viewed with increasing scepticism. Has its time come and gone, or is there life in the BPO yet?

Imitation game

Trade Finance grabbed a few minutes with the CEO of SACE, Alessandro Decio, at the sidelines of GEF in Barcelona to hear about the ECA’s renewed underwriting efforts.

Friend or foe?

Tech firms have become much more active in trade finance in the past two years. Banks are falling over themselves to partner up with the newcomers in an effort to smooth transactions and bring down costs. But are tech firms a threat to the established players?

Roundtable: Mizuho

Mizuho recently completed the restructuring of its trade finance department. Trade Finance caught up with the bank's senior management in Singapore to find out about the changes.

Beating the growing pains

John Stillwaggon, the new CEO of DS-Concept’s USA branch, is trying to take advantage of economies of scale while keeping the firm agile.

Trade finance in Iran, one year on

Since sanctions against Iran were partially lifted, a plethora of MoU have been signed creating a bubble of expectations. But financings have remained rare, particularly those of a long-term nature.

Trump sees sense on Ex-Im

After months of speculation about President Trump’s plans for the US Export-Import Bank, it seems that things are finally moving in the right direction.

All pain – no gain

US/EU sanctions against Russia have been a disaster for the international export credit business and European trade flow. Is it time for a rethink?

CBG - no tie necessary

A combination of DFI loans and a rare untied ECA loan has enabled banks to push the limits on tenor for CBG’s Sangaredi mine expansion in Guinea

Free Making the case for emerging markets

The incentives for exporters to target emerging markets are clear. What is not clear is where to access the resources and the funding required to do so. Emma Clark, Head of Business Development, UK and Europe, Falcon Group, discusses how the solution for exporters lies in ECAs, banks and specialist financiers collaborating across the ‘new’ financial landscape

Non-stop flight to capital

With Basel IV looming in the background, growth in capital markets financing for new aircraft deliveries is taking on new urgency. And the capital markets are delivering.

Secure enough to go unsecured

Norilsk has pulled off two post-sanctions market firsts – international unsecured and European ECA-backed loans. Is this the beginning of a return to pre-sanctions international lender appetite?

Sink funds – German-style

How did the conservative German bank market get shipping loan risk so wrong and why did so many banks not address the toxic loan problem until it became a crisis? Because no-one wanted to see it.

More regs – more costs

The Federal Reserve Board has proposed new rules for banks in the physical commodities market - and stricter reporting requirements. By Richard Wilkes, Associate, Norton Rose Fulbright.

Credit where it’s due

With GCC government budgets pressured for the first time, the project market should be lender driven. Not so - borrowers are holding their own despite sovereign downgrades.

A Sirius business

After four years negotiating planning permission, equity and debt financings for AIM-listed polyhalite developer Sirius Minerals are finally underway.

SACE considering $1.6bn Saudi projects after roadshow

Italian ECA SACE is considering support for $1.6 billion of new projects in Saudi Arabia following a week-long roadshow in Saudi Arabia, according to an announcement.

Interview: Karin Kersten

ABN Amro promoted Karin Kersten last year. She recently caught up with Joe Kavanagh to outline her view of the forces changing trade finance.