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TF Awards 2018

April-2018, London

Europe & Africa

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What are the Trade Finance awards? 

Trade Finance has provided market intelligence and analysis for over 30 years. This year’s awards are split into two categories: half of the awards, the Trade Finance Top Ten, celebrate standout transactions which reached financial close in 2018 across a range of categories; while the other half, the Awards for Excellence, celebrate the best companies involved in trade and export finance. All awards will be based on transactions competed during 2018.

 How are they decided?

The editorial team at Trade Finance will select a shortlist for each award category. The shortlist will then be presented to an independent panel of industry experts, who will choose a winning institution or deal in each category. The judges will be chosen for their expertise in the sector. They are prohibited from voting for deals on which they worked, or institutions which they are employed by.

When will awards be handed out?

Trade Finance will present the awards at a ceremony held at a central London location in May 2019. Winners will be notified in advance and the full list will be published the day after the awards dinner.
Companies are welcome to sponsor the event and to book tables. For enquiries please contact 

When is the submission deadline?

February 28th 2019.

How can my company submit?

Companies can submit applications in writing in any format they choose, providing they include the minimum information set out below. Please send submissions to

Companies are encouraged to submit for both Trade Finance Top Ten and for Awards for Excellence.

For Trade Finance Top Ten submissions, please include at least the following details for a maximum of five deals that you think deserve to win:

• Type of transaction
• Borrower (if applicable)
• Lender(s) (if applicable)
• Other parties involved and their role (including law firms, ECAs/DFIs, advisors)
• Loan/deal value
• 100+ word explanation of why the deal should win

 For Awards for Excellence submissions:
• Choose up to three categories from the below list
• 250+ word explanation of why the company should win
• For the best chance of success, point to specific deals that demonstrate why your company deserves to win.

Trade Finance Top Ten categories are not set in advance. Instead, 10 outstanding transactions will be chosen from all of the deals that are nominated. Particular weight will be given to innovation and complexity.
The Awards for Excellence categories are as follows:
• Best trade finance bank
• Best commodity finance bank
• Best supply chain finance bank
• Best export finance bank
• Best ECA
• Best DFI
• Best law firm
• Best insurance broker
• Best insurance underwriter
• Best software provider
• Best innovator
• Editor’s choice 

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