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TF Awards 2018

April-2018, London

Europe & Africa

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What are the deadlines for submissions?

The deadline for 2017 entries is December 5th 2016. However, we will still accept entries until January 5 2017 for deals closed over the Christmas period.


What do I do if I need to refer to a transaction that has not closed yet?

You may submit some details of pending transactions on a confidential basis if you need to meet our deadlines, providing that this confidentiality is lifted when the transaction has closed. Trade Finance will not be able to evaluate transactions with blanket confidentiality.


What information will I need to provide for deals?

  • Name of deal
  • A brief description of the deal and it's context (no longer than 500 words)
    Please specify if the deal is part of a larger financing.
  • Country
  • Rationale for nomination (i.e. innovation, market first, competitive pricing, difficult market conditions etc.)
  • Date of financial close
  • Details of those involved in the deal (e.g. lead arranger, ECA, borrower)
  • Amount of deal
  • Tenor
  • Contact details of sender and borrower 


What information will I need to provide for Best of Borrower entries?

Name of the company

Rationale for nomination (no longer than 500 words)

If you wish to put your institution forwards,please provide short references from five clients and their contact details. These will remain confidential and only be used by our in-house staff to confirm the experience of borrowers/clients was a positive one.

For banks wishing to enter their clients for an award, please provide examples of client trade and export finance innovation in 2016.

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