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Name Country Sub Sector Value ($m) Latest Event
Standard Chartered/$50 million/0921 EU Finance 50.00 Financial Close
Horizonte Minerals/$146.2 million/0921 Latin America Metals & non-metallic minerals 146.20 Pre-financing
Boeing/$180 million/0921 North America Transport 180.00 Financial Close
PLN/$380 million/0921 South East Asia Renewables 380.00 World Bank lends to Indonesia's first pumped-storage
Pearl Petroleum/$250 million/0921 Middle East Energy 250.00 Financial Close
InFinBank/$10 million/0921 Central Asia Finance 10.00 Financial Close
Trustbank/$10 million/0921 Central Asia Finance 10.00 Financial Close
Kapitalbank/$10 million/0921 Central Asia Finance 10.00 Financial Close
Orient Finans Bank/$10 million/0921 Central Asia Finance 10.00 Financial Close
JUIDCO/$112 million/0921 South Asia Infrastructure 112.00 ADB signs India water loan
ArmswissBank/$8 million/0921 Other European Finance 8.00 Financial Close
Ardshinbank/$20 million/0921 Other European Finance 20.00 Financial Close
MEPCO/SAR340 million/0921 Middle East Manufacturing 90.65 Financial Close
Pubali Bank/$52 million/0921 South Asia Finance 52.00 Financial Close
Dili Airport/$135 million/0921 South East Asia Infrastructure 135.00 ADB approves loan on long-delayed Timor-Leste brownfield
Dalkom Somalia/$14 million/0921 East Africa Infrastructure 14.00 EIB approves loan for Somalian digital infra
BOAD/$50 million/0921 Sub-Saharan Africa Finance 50.00 BADEA signs loan for BOAD’s short-term operations
Tamil Nadu Slum Clearance Board/$150 million/0921 South Asia Infrastructure 150.00 ADB backs Indian housing
Traxys/$250 million/0921 EU Metals & non-metallic minerals 250.00 Financial Close
QNB Finansleasing/EUR100 million/0921 Other European Finance 118.68 Financial Close
Olam International/JPY9 billion/0921 South East Asia Softs 81.00 Financial Close
BMCE Bank/$75 million/0921 North Africa Finance 75.00 Financial Close
LAAD/$80 million/0821 North America Finance 80.00 Financial Close
Creditwest Bank/$5 million/0921 Other European Finance 5.00 Financial Close
BW Offshore/$1.15 billion/0921 Oceania Energy 1,150.00 Financial Close
Bangladesh government/$1.7 billion/0921 South Asia Infrastructure 1,779.00 ADB backs strategic South Asia trade corridor
Bank of Palestine/$5 million/0921 Middle East Finance 5.00 Financial Close
Olam International/$2 billion/0821 South East Asia Softs 2,000.00 Financial Close
Olam International/$2 billion/0821 South East Asia Softs 2,000.00 Olam aggregates $5.2bn of loans
Olam International/$1.2 billion/0821 South East Asia Softs 1,200.00 Olam aggregates $5.2bn of loans

Trade Finance League Table

Rank Company Total US$ m Transactions Market Share (%)
1 JPMorgan Chase & Co 23,456.89 74 5.37
2 Citigroup 22,453.63 74 5.14
3 Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group 19,258.24 88 4.41
4 Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group 16,843.34 92 3.85
5 Bank of America 16,406.94 60 3.75
6 BNP Paribas 15,683.06 85 3.59
7 Mizuho Financial Group 14,998.22 78 3.43
8 Societe Generale 13,077.19 91 2.99
9 ING Group 10,323.46 84 2.36
10 Credit Agricole 10,246.70 70 2.34
TOTALS: 162,747.66 796 37 %

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