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Combining daily news and analysis sourced from both borrowers and lenders, and the largest and most comprehensive database of big-ticket trade finance deals available in the market, Trade Finance is the market leading intelligence resource for news and data on big-ticket export, agency, structured trade and commodities finance.


Trade Finance Web - What do you get?


• Daily deal and events driven news (with the option of delivery to your email) across a range of export and import sectors including: shipping, aircraft, rolling stock, commodities trading, oil and gas, power, renewables, manufacturing, on-lending facilities and cost of fundraising for banks, ECAs and DFIs.

• We strive to bypass confidentiality clauses and much of our coverage includes context, pricing, tenor, risk mitigation, predicted cash flows and full lender lists that are not available elsewhere.

• Features and news in-depth: Monthly news-driven analysis of benchmark deals, new legislation, interviews with major lenders and borrowers, and pricing and volume trends where markets are about to change direction.

• Market moves and strategy: from new appointments and expansion plans, to fundraising and cost of borrowing.

• Fortnightly borrower briefing outlining key borrowing cost trends, borrower and lender comment on newly closed deals, news in brief on headline financings and deals rumoured to be out to market.


Trade Finance Analytics


 With over 6,000 recorded deals and more being added daily, Trade Finance Analytics is the most comprehensive database of big-ticket export and import finance transactions.

But the product is more than just data – the combination of magazine and analytics enables the user to understand a deal in the context of the market when it reached financial close, the credit worthiness of the borrower at the time, the risk mitigation techniques employed, the competitiveness of the pricing and comparison with past transactions by the same borrower and competitors’ deals.

Tradefinanceanalytics also empowers the user more than a traditional closed database – subscribers can download the underlying data from a given search into Excel and manipulate the output in any way they choose. For example, breaking down pricing by tenor in a given sector and geographic location.

Trade Finance Analytics - the basics:

• tracks over 2,000, independently-verified deals per year

• enables breakdown by sector, geography and type of transaction

• distills by borrower name, lender name and lender role

• links each deal with market-leading news coverage

• covers bilateral financings, currently 36% of total deals

• includes pricing and tenor data broken down by tranche where applicable



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